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Here differences between ActiveStartup and ActiveStartup Deluxe are presented.  You can choose the program according to your needs.

ActiveStartup - is easy-to-use windows startup manager, created for quick access to Windows startup list.

ActiveStartup Deluxe - an advanced startup manager which supports services for NT-based operation systems and virus checking.

Features Matrix

Add/delete/disable programs from startup list
Backup / Restore startup configurations
Open system utilities (RegEdit, SysEdit)
Launch selected program
Ability to see if program running or not
Check for "dead" files at startup list
Friendly user interface
Supports WindowsXP themes
Clipboard support
View description for program (if it's available)
Drag & drop support
Multilanguage support
Hotkey to activate program from tray
Open system utilities (RegEdit, SysEdit)
Show services
Run/Stop/Enable/Disable services
Check for viruses at Windows startup
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