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Why do you need window startup manager?

  1. Your Window XP starts too slow (not only XP, but also 98, 2000, NT, Millennium). It can be because of a large number of programs in OS startup list. Programs after installing can add itself to startup folder or registry even without your permission, so later you will have to much startup items and it slows down startup process.

  2. Window freezes on startup (hanging up). Programs can not be properly uninstalled, and at the next boot system can't find it or program causes errors.

  3. Some viruses, trojans and spywares can be found in startup list. So you will need to edit this list (mostly startup folders and registry) and delete its.

  4. Not all programs have "autostart with Windows" function. So sometime when you need to run program with Windows startup - you will have to add it manually or use any window startup manager.

  5. In some cases you will need to save startup configuration before upgrading or changing operational system. How you can do it without startup manager?

To solve such problems we created our window startup managers. Please, try ActiveStartupActiveStartup Deluxe or visit download page.



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